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What are we all about?

Wide range of
medical services

will be given top Patients who are financially able. The consultation costs will then be used to pay hospital fees for another mwananchi ”Person”.

Great practice means great health care

Pamoja Project in numbers

Pamoja means Together. This Project was initiated to help the able help the unable. We don’t accept any cash payments. We don’t accept any consultation fees. But if a patient is satisfied, he or she is able to donate and help another patient who is waiting for an expensive treatment!

Surgery success

For Persons who have no means to cater for their hospital bills.

Recovery success

We will guide you throughout your Treatment.

Patient dedication

Our Focus is the Patient not the Fees!

Care expressed

Show Love to others by paying their bills and saving your own

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    In short words

    Health should be free of charge to all Human beings, especially orphans, widows, the elderly and disabled. This is what Dokis all about!


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