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    • What’s Kenyas most deadliest diseases?
    • Whats Kenyas life expectancy?
    • How deadly is HIV and tuberculosis?
    • How long does the Online advice take?
    • What operations or Treatments do you do?
    • How can I book an examination?
    What’s Kenyas most deadliest diseases?

    HIV/AIDS, Lower respiratory infections, Diarrheal diseases, Neonatal disorders, Tuberculosis, lschemic heart disease, Stroke, Cirrhosis, Diabetes, Congenital defects

    According to wikipedia:
    Tropical diseases, especially malaria and tuberculosis, have long been a public health problem in Kenya. In recent years, infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), also has become a severe problem. Estimates of the incidence of infection differ widely.

    Maasai walking from village to village selling traditional medicine
    The life expectancy in Kenya in 2016 was 69.0 for females and 64.7 for males. This has been an increment from the year 1990 when the life expectancy was 62.6 and 59.0 respectively.[1] The leading cause of mortality in Kenya in the year 2016 included diarrhoea diseases 18.5%, HIV/AIDs 15.56%, lower respiratory infections 8.62%, tuberculosis 3.69%, ischemic heart disease 3.99%, road injuries 1.47%, interpersonal violence 1.36%. The leading causes of DALYs in Kenya in 2016 included HIV/AIDs 14.65%, diarrhoea diseases 12.45%, lower back and neck pain 2.05%, skin and subcutaneous diseases 2.47%, depression 1.33%, interpersonal violence 1.32%, road injuries 1.3%. The burden of disease in Kenya has mainly been from communicable diseases but it is now shifting to also include the noncommunicable diseases and injuries. As of 2016, the 3 leading causes of death globally were ischemic heart disease 17.33%, stroke 10.11% and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 5.36%.[2]

    Whats Kenyas life expectancy?

    Life expectancy at birth: F 69/M 65 years
    Infant mortality rate: 36/1,000 live births

    Sources: World Bank 2018, Kenya
    Population Reference Bureau 2018, Kenya

    How deadly is HIV and tuberculosis?

    Tuberculosis (TB) remains one of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases, taking the lives of 4,100 people each day. Although it is preventable and treatable, a quarter of the world’s population – nearly 2 billion people – are infected with TB and approximately 10 million people become ill each year with the disease. This World TB Day, CDC affirms our commitment to finding, curing, and preventing all forms of TB at home and around the world.

    Know more about HIV and Tuberculosis-

    How long does the Online advice take?

    This depends on the complexity of your sickness and the test results we have received from you

    What operations or Treatments do you do?

    At some months in a year we may drive with the initiative for helping sick people who cannot afford treatment using the labs and examinations facilities of the local clinics.

    How can I book an examination?

    Feel free to use whatsapp, E-mail or our contact form on our Homepage.

    • What do we do?
    • How do we do it?
    • What’s our expertise?
    • When do we work?
    • How competent are our staff?
    • How can I book an appointment?
    What do we do?

    Well all we do is look at your current medical documents and advice you toward the procedures you may have to undergo.

    We are here to answer your questions and guide you throughout your disease.

    How do we do it?

    You can call us via what sup, write us an email or send us a message via messenger. Your documents will be shared with other doctors only after your consent. If possible send us everything regarding your disease so that we can reduce the waiting time

    What’s our expertise?

    Mostly internal medicine (is a medical specialty in which physicians apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to diagnose and treat adults with a very broad range of health concerns and diseases. Physicians who specialize in internal medicine are called internists or general internists. Of course you can get referred to other specialists regarding your medical issue.

    When do we work?

    Online, all the time. Emergency cases should be treated in your nearest clinic or hospitals

    How competent are our staff?

    Most of our Doctors have studied in Europe, mostly Germany. Some few are located in the USA or Kenya.

    How can I book an appointment?

    You can book an Appointment with video call online either using Facebook, WhatsApp, zoom or Skype

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    Health should be free of charge to all Human beings, especially orphans, widows, the elderly and disabled. This is what Dokis all about!

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