About the Founder

Mr. Daniel Ogutu

As a young man from the Lake region of western Kenya, I left my Country eager to learn and educate myself so that one day I can serve my nation. I am aware of the challenges on the ground and ready to build up bit by bit an organization which will change my continent of birth for ever.
Who we are

Our team

Legal members:
Mr. Daniel Ogutu – Founder, Chairman
Mrs. Tugba Ogutu – Co-founder, Chairlady
Dr. Harun Njago – Neurologist
Dr. Gerald Olola – Ongoing Neurologist, Editor
Dr. Timothy Ogutu – Neurosurgeon
Dr. Ami Dotse – Opthalmologist
Dr. Rhoda Ngoti – Internist

Further Doctors:
Dr. David Thuku Irungu – Urologist
Dr. Maria-Lucy Chege – Internist, Author for health topics

Head of Departments:
Mrs. Maureen Akinyi – Team Leader, Doki’s Nurses (Team of 16)
Mrs. Miriam Klein – Sponsors Officer
Ms. Maureen Okeyo – Accountant

Nelson MKULIMA – Editor
Arthur Misula – Editor, social media
Gerald (Jerry) Olola – Camp Driver

-Doki’s Team

My goal is to help those who cannot afford expensive medical treatments. I know that there are many and the road may be rocky and dusty, but I have faith that one day no person will die because of a disease which could have been easily treated.

Achievments & awards

Daniel’s “Doki’s“ biography

  • Work experience
  • Medical checkups
  • Certificates
  • These are the Hospitals I have served in
  • 5 Years experience as a medical specialist employee in a medical office for Radiology in Frankfurt Germany
  • General Internal Medicine in the District Clinic Hospital Groß-Gerau Germany
  • Clinic for Cardiology and Intensive care medicine in Darmstadt Germany
  • Clinic for Nephrology and Dialysis in Darmstadt and Duisburg Germany
  • Clinical office for Follow Up Patients Germany

Throughout the years I have spent most of my time serving in local and government hospitals abroad. General internal medicine is what I love to do. Internal Medicine covers the following fields – Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Oncology, Rheumatologe, Angiology, ER and ICU . I have handled, examined and treated thousands of Patients over the years.  Basic Therapy for common eye, ear, throat nose diseases and doing minimal surgery and Catheter Insertions or needle treatments have also been a part of my Training.

  • Sufficient Training in Intensive care Medicine.
  • Professional Emergency training as an emergency doctor in ambulance and emergency unit
  • Ultrasound for Abdomen, Heart, extra cranial vessels, Thyroid, Duplex

In short words

Health should be free of charge to all Human beings, especially orphans, widows, the elderly and disabled. This is what Dokis all about!

Contact details:

Doki’s Advice e.V.
Postfach 4
64398 Groß-Bieberau
Whatsapp: +4917631249188


Doki’s Advice e.V.
IBAN: DE44 3006 0601 0028 7693 72


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